The RHF’s Indigenous Teacher Education initiative celebrates excellence, innovation, and advancements in Indigenous teacher education in support of a Canada enriched with 10,000 First Nations, Inuit and Métis teachers. Working in partnership, we seek to collaboratively influence broader resource shifts, systemic change, and to shine a light on the immense value that First Nations, Inuit and Métis teachers bring to all students while inspiring Indigenous youth to enter teaching as a career.

Today, as we celebrate National Indigenous People’s Day and National Indigenous History Month, we are so pleased to be launching a one-of-a-kind interactive platform to recognize, highlight and celebrate Indigenous Teacher Education from coast to coast to coast.

The RHF engaged with Canadian Geographic, Indigenous language speakers and Teacher Education Programs (TEPs) from across Canada to share stories of the past, present and future of the institutions, their communities and the resounding impact of their contributions to Indigenous teacher education.

This interactive platform showcases the evolution of Indigenous Teacher Education Programs (ITEP) in Canada, as well as the people that benefitted from them, across the country using StoryMaps. StoryMaps are a multimedia experience that lets readers fully immerse themselves in each ITEP’s story.

To kick this off, we are honoured to highlight three Indigenous TEP StoryMaps:

  • Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program (SUNTEP)
  • Memorial University Native and Northern Teacher Education Program (MUNNTEP)
  • NITEP, the Indigenous Teacher Education Program at UBC

More StoryMaps of Indigenous TEPs will be added over the coming months, and a feature story will appear in the September/October issue of Canadian Geographic magazine highlighting personal narratives from Indigenous teachers. The feature story will be available in 10 Indigenous languages (Ojibway, Inuktitut, Michif, Cree, Dene, Mohawk, Nakota, Gitxsan, Gwich’in, Mi’kmaq) English and French.