Presley Sibbick, a teacher candidate at Nipissing University in Ontario, is an integral member of a team of educators who developed Education for Innovation, the new teacher resource guides designed to help educators teach innovation skills in Kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms. The free resources align with K-12 curriculum requirements across the country, and focus on innovation skills that can be applied across a variety of subjects and sectors, from science and technology to arts and social sciences.

“Through my experiences as a teacher candidate, I strongly believe that the Education for Innovation resources are an essential component to cultivating a culture of innovation in our schools. Innovation is not an isolated learning experience that fits into one portion of our instructional day. Instead, it is an ongoing process that continually takes place in the ideas and actions of our students. As teachers, we need to provide students with innovative opportunities that foster learning and support their passions and interests. Through the Education for Innovation resources, I have seen first hand how one idea for an innovation project can improve students’ confidence and skills, and also inspire them to take their learning beyond the classroom walls.”

The RHF is pleased to have partnered with Nipissing University’s Schulich School of Education, teams of teachers and teacher candidates and other partners to launch these free education resources. Learn more about our partners and download the free resources at