The Rideau Hall Foundation will begin exciting new work this Fall thanks to the incredible generosity of the Barrett Family Foundation. Their gift of $10 million will provide the seed funding for the Barrett Canada Fund. Through this new fund, we will escalate our work in civic and charitable engagement, Canadian innovation, and Indigenous education: supporting projects that will contribute to a more equitable, kinder and smarter Canada.

More specifically, this will allow the RHF to:

  • Launch an access education fund to help all Canadian youth to achieve their fullest potential;
  • Support greater teaching capacity in Indigenous communities;
  • Engage young people in the functioning of Canada’s democracy and public institutions and support digital innovation in Canada’s charitable sector, encouraging more Canadians to embrace the value of giving; and
  • Unveil a new national youth innovation prize to inspire Canada’s next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

We have high expectations for this work. As we start this journey, we know that it will take collaboration from many other partners across all sectors to help meet ambitious goals. The Barrett Family has set the stage for other Canadians to participate, to believe in a better Canada for all and help make it happen.  This act of generosity is also an invitation for others to join in this journey to help strengthen our country for generations to come.

The work begins now, and the door is open. If you’d like to get involved, or find out more about the Barrett Canada Fund, we’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to reach out by email to Look for regular updates on the RHF website on the progress of Barrett Canada Fund initiatives. We’re keen to show you what we can do, when we do it together.

Teresa Marques
President and CEO, Rideau Hall Foundation