In its first ten years, the Rideau Hall Foundation (RHF) established itself as a thriving and dynamic national charitable organization focused on building a better Canada for all and addressing some of our country’s long-term challenges. Building on our existing tapestry of national programs, we’re now setting our sights on the next 10 years and beyond

The first step in this process was engaging partners and team in a strategic planning exercise that would help guide our work. I’m delighted to share the product of this effort with you: Creating Opportunities, Connecting Communities (2023-2028).

At the heart of this plan is a roadmap for a more positive and inclusive vision for Canada. We believe in the enormous potential for people to problem-solve, learn, serve, and lead in support of a better and more unified Canada; because of that, the RHF will be relentless in its goal to create opportunities for Canadians and to connect communities along the way.

I invite you to read about our strategic priorities, and about the values and principles that inform our work. I welcome your feedback and ideas!

Teresa Marques
President and CEO
Rideau Hall Foundation