It will be because of Canadian innovations in health care, public and fiscal policy, and novel approaches to building community that we will pull through the COVID-19 crisis. In every arena, we are seeing what Canadian ingenuity, creativity and persistence can achieve in even the most difficult of times. And those Canadian innovations deserve to be recognized.

Along with our partners, we are committed to sharing inspiring content about Canada’s culture of innovation on social media, through podcasts and in articles and video vignettes. We’ll explore new innovations and innovators, coming out of some surprising and unconventional places, that are making a difference in our lives in real time. We’ll also share stories of past Canadian innovations that are sure to inspire the next generation of great Canadian thinkers and creators. And, we’ll continue to offer our Education for Innovation (E4I) resources to parents and teachers in some new and exciting ways.

While there is so much uncertainty around us, there is also much to be excited about and inspired by. What’s more, the results of our second Culture of Innovation Index survey clearly indicate how important innovation is to Canadians, and how proud Canadians are of our ability to collaborate and embrace our diversity to make things better for everyone. The full results of this year’s survey will be released later in May.

As for Canadian Innovation Week, which was set to take place from May 19 to 29, we have decided to postpone it to the Fall. Hopefully at that point we’ll be in a better position to come together, digitally and in person, to take part in a Canadian innovation conversation and celebration.

Stay tuned for more on how you can take part and join us over the next weeks and months as we build community around Canadian Innovation.

Keep well,

Teresa Marques
President and CEO of the Rideau Hall Foundation