The Queen Elizabeth Scholars (QES) program is inspired by the value of the diplomacy of knowledge. QES mobilizes a dynamic community of young global leaders to create lasting impacts both in Canada and abroad. For the scholars (undergraduate and post graduate students), the program offers an unparalleled experience of learning abroad, while at the same time participating in real-world experiences, as well as community development and engagement opportunities that are often described as life-changing.

In recognition of Her Majesty’s legacy, the Rideau Hall Foundation, with support from the Department of Canadian Heritage and in partnership with Universities Canada, created the Queen Elizabeth Scholars Symposium Series as an opportunity for knowledge exchange on themes of national and global importance from across Her Majesty’s 70-year reign.

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The QES program is a collaborative initiative made possible through the leadership of the Rideau Hall Foundation, in collaboration with Universities Canada and Canadian universities, and with founding support from Community Foundations of Canada (CFC).