While many young Canadians receive an education beyond high school, significant gaps persist in the post-secondary participation and attainment rates of many young people, including those with a lower family income, those living in rural areas, some ethnic minority groups, and Indigenous youth.  

The Rideau Hall Foundation is committed to helping create a more equitable Canada where everyone can chart their own path and reach their fullest potential. The RHF supports several learning centered programs:  

  • Catapult Canada a national, community-building platform that aims to increase equity of learning access for youth. 
  • Queen Elizabeth Scholars – a made-in-Canada initiative that promotes international student exchange and civic engagement through project-based scholarships. 
  • Indigenous Teacher Education Initiative – an initiative at the beginning stages of work to support dramatically increasing the numbers of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis teachers and to promote the systemic changes necessary in leading to more sustainable Indigenous teacher employment opportunities. 

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