In observance of National Indigenous People’s Day, we are so pleased to highlight and celebrate the APTN and their Michener Award-winning series “Death by Neglect”.

The Michener Awards, a partner of the Rideau Hall Foundation, chose to honour the network with the country’s highest honour in journalism.

President of the Michener Foundation, Pierre-Paul Noreau said of the honour:

“APTN’s Kenneth Jackson and Cullen Crozier’s work was dogged and thorough, and their sources spoke truth to power with great courage, putting their jobs, community status and even their homes on the line. The changes that came from this series were profound. Within weeks of APTN’s broadcasts, several investigations were launched into individual cases; several families were reunited; new funding was announced for on-reserve child welfare; and a pandemic moratorium was imposed on Ontario youths aging out of care. And, while this humanitarian crisis continues unabated, it is this kind of wide-ranging impact that makes this series undeniably Michener-worthy.”

See below for their submission, and live acceptance speech from the June 16th ceremony.