Queen Elizabeth Scholars program

March 16, 2018

Learning new lessons beyond the classroom

Dr. Ahmad Firas Khalid went overseas as a Queen Elizabeth Scholar in 2016 as a PhD candidate from McMaster University. His internship with Médecins Sans Frontières in the United Kingdom focused on how health systems react to crisis situations in low- and middle-income countries.

“My QES experience left me hungry to experience more of what the world has to offer, challenged me to always take a leap of faith into the unknown, and opened my mind to learning new lessons beyond the classroom. I am forever grateful for the life-long friendships I developed and the eye-opening experiences that propelled me to be innovative, bold, and courageous in all aspects of my life.”


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The Queen Elizabeth Scholars program is made possible through the leadership of the RHF in collaboration with Universities Canada and Community Foundations of Canada. For more information, visit www.queenelizabethscholars.ca.

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