Apr 13, 2023

Rideau Hall Foundation and Taylor Family Foundation announce ambitious plan for building pride in Canada

Calgary, April 13, 2023 – The Rideau Hall Foundation (RHF) is celebrating a generous new gift of $7.5 million from Don and Ruth Taylor and the Taylor Family Foundation (TFF). This commitment will support the nation-building work of the RHF to connect people, causes and organizations that share a common belief in and commitment to a better Canada for all.

“Don and Ruth Taylor and the Taylor Family Foundation have been transformative supporters of the RHF’s mission from the very beginning. This new commitment brings their total investment in the RHF to an extraordinary $26.8 million since 2013. It is thanks to their visionary philanthropy that the RHF has grown into a leading national charity committed to the potential of Canada,” said Teresa Marques, President and CEO of the Rideau Hall Foundation. “This renewed partnership will allow us to nurture and celebrate Canadian excellence, both at home and on the world stage, particularly in the fields of innovation and research. The Taylors’ continued generosity will also permit the RHF to embark on new work to build pride in what it means to be Canadian. And given increasing polarization throughout the country, this work could not come at a more important time.”

More specifically, this renewed partnership with the Taylor Family Foundation will support the RHF to deliver on:

  • Ingenious+ Youth Innovation Challenge: Equips youth aged 14-18 with the tools and resources to innovate;
  • Governor General’s Innovation Awards (GGIAs): Shines a spotlight on Canadian excellence in innovation and inspires the next generation of innovators;
  • Forum for Young Canadians: Provides youth with greater knowledge of the workings of all levels of government and promotes engagement with Canada’s system of parliamentary democracy;
  • Global Excellence Initiative: In partnership with Universities Canada, helps to build the research pipeline to recognize Canadian excellence on the international stage; and
  • A special project fund: To measure and build levels of pride in Canada, towards an end goal of promoting greater social cohesion.

“From the time of our first partnership back in 2013, we knew the Rideau Hall Foundation had the potential of being a champion for Canada and celebrating those who have made important contributions to our county. We are thrilled to see the RHF grow its impact and find new barn-raising approaches for Canadians to work together in building a smarter and more caring Canada,” said Don and Ruth Taylor of the Taylor Family Foundation.

The magnitude of the Taylors’ new gift builds on the strengths of the RHF and serves to accelerate high priority nation-building initiatives as the foundation begins its next decade of service to Canadians. The Taylors have expressed their hope that their gift has the potential to inspire others to think about the role of philanthropy and collaboration to make great things happen for Canada.

“Don and Ruth Taylor, along with the Taylor Family Foundation, are shining lights in this country. Their philanthropic spirit has helped to strengthen their community in Calgary and, through their partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation, is reaching all corners of this wonderful country. I could not be more proud of the work that the RHF has been able to accomplish over the past 10 years, and a significant part of that is thanks to the Taylors’ support. I am confident that this continued partnership will lead to great things for all Canadians,” said the Right Honourable David Johnston, 28th Governor General of Canada and Chair of the RHF.


About the Rideau Hall Foundation

The Rideau Hall Foundation is a registered national charity that brings together ideas, people and resources to enhance the impact of the Office of Governor General as a central institution of Canadian democracy. Working towards a better Canada, the RHF celebrates what is best about Canada while working with partners to meaningfully improve lives and foster the conditions for more Canadians to succeed and thrive. Learn more about the RHF at www.rhf-frh.ca.

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