Rideau Hall Foundation privacy statement

The Rideau Hall Foundation (RHF) is committed to respecting your personal privacy and to protecting the personal information that you provide when you become a member, download resources, or access the website at www.rhf-frh.ca  (the “Website”).

What is Personal Information? 
Information such as a name, a home address, an Internet Protocol (IP) address, a telephone number, or an e-mail address is considered to be personal information because it can identify a specific person.

Collection and Use
The personal information that you voluntarily provide to the RHF is protected by our Privacy Statement. Depending on the nature of the transaction, the RHF generally collects your name, address (post and electronic) and telephone number. The RHF may collect demographic information such as your date of birth, gender, and language preference for marketing and fundraising purposes; however, this information will not identify any individual.

Transfers and Disclosure 
Your personal information is not shared, sold, rented, traded, or otherwise disclosed to any outside third party except with your consent or where authorized and or requested by the law. The RHF uses software programs to ensure the security of the Website from unauthorized persons attempting to upload or change information, or to otherwise cause damage. This software collects the Internet Protocol (IP) address and the internet service provider of the computer that has contacted the Website, as well as the date and time of the visit and the pages visited; however this information will not be linked to a specific individual unless an attempt to damage the Website has been detected.

In addition, the RHF uses external services and suppliers to assist with various functions such as emailing newsletters and providing online surveys. Please know that the RHF uses only those organizations that are committed to protecting your personal information.

In some cases, RHF may link to third party websites. The RHF encourages you to read the privacy statements of each third-party website and service before providing any personally identifiable information to its operators. Some of these third parties may share or sell the information that they collect from you. The RHF is not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties. If you choose to visit or use any third-party products, websites, or services, including those offered by our third party service providers or other partners, please be aware that this Privacy Statement will not apply to your activities or any information you disclose while using third-party products or services or otherwise interacting with any third parties.

What are Web Analytics and how does the RHF use them?
Web analytics can be described as the collection, analysis, measurement and reporting of data about Web traffic and user visits for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.

Web analytic tools operate through the collection of information to record a visitor’s online interactions with one or more web pages. That information includes, for example, the Internet Protocol address assigned by an Internet Service provider to the visitor’s computer. The RHF uses web analytics to obtain information about visitors to our Website to better meet the needs of Website visitors and to assist in delivering effective online services.

IP addresses captured though our Web Analytics tool (Google Analytics) are safeguarded through the activation of the third-party anonymization feature, whereby we de-personalize the IP address. You may opt out of Google’s personalized advertising by visiting Ads Settings. You may opt out of other third-party vendor’s use of cookies for personalized advertising by visiting their website, and/or by visiting http://youradchoices.ca/choices/.

The RHF will not share, sell, rent or trade your personal information to others. The RHF may compile and provide aggregate statistics about on-line visitors within public documents (e.g. Annual Report), but these statistics will not include any personally identifying information.

The RHF, like most large websites, uses cookies to help provide a better service to our users. “Cookies” are a feature of every Internet software browser and are used to collect information anonymously, to track user patterns on a website and are used to establish a user session. This then allows our computers to correctly provide visitors to our Website with the appropriate content. Cookies tell us which pages of our Website are visited and by how many people. The use of cookies is an industry standard.

When you browse through the Website, you do so anonymously. The RHF does not collect personal information about you unless you voluntarily provide it to us by interacting with the site or submitting an inquiry to us. The usage patterns tracked by cookies remain confidential. We are committed to protecting your privacy and use cookies to improve our service.

Cookies can be enabled or disabled by users however this may limit access to certain areas of our sites. Our cookies will not follow your travels on the World Wide Web.

Personal information you provide when you become a member, subscribe to the newsletter or download resources is retained by the RHF only so long as required by law or as is reasonable to fulfill the purposes for which it has been collected.

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, captured through our standard web logs, will not be retained for more than the maximum retention period (18 months) required by law.

Email Newsletters 
When you provide your personal information to receive the RHF e-bulletin, you are explicitly providing the RHF consent to also send you promotion and publicity of our events and exhibitions via email marketing. Should you wish to be removed from the list, you must either unsubscribe yourself, or send a reply email stating your wish to be removed from the list at which point the RHF will no longer contact you via newsletters. Please note that information such as your postal code may be used to extrapolate geographic reports for targeted marketing campaigns, however, the information in these reports will not identify any individuals.

Social Media 
Any information that you post on a social media website (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, etc.) is of public domain. The RHF has the right to delete any posts that it feels is inappropriate or offensive at any point in time. Please note that by posting on one of our social networking websites, you are voluntarily providing your personal opinion/information, however the RHF does not currently use that information.

The RHF does not solicit personal information from children on its website. Visitors under the age of majority are required to obtain parental or guardian consent before visiting the Website or submitting any personal information to the RHF Website.

Changes in this Privacy Statement 
We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time. Please visit this page periodically to check our current policy.

Contact Information 
You may send comments about this Privacy Statement or requests for more information to:

Rideau Hall Foundation
9 Rideau Gate
Ottawa, Ontario K1M 1M6
Telephone: 613-482-2923
Email: info@rhf-frh.ca

MT 2021



The RHF will make written information and other forms of public communication accessible, upon request.

Feedback Process

The ultimate goal of RHF is to meet and surpass customer expectations while serving customers with disabilities. Comments on our services regarding how well these expectations are being met are welcome and appreciated.

Feedback regarding the way RHF provides goods and services to people with disabilities can be made in writing (letter or via e-mail) or verbally (phone or in person). All feedback will be directed to the Manager, Operations and individuals can expect to hear back in 3 business days.

Marie-France Belle-Isle
Manager, Operations
Rideau Hall Foundation
9, Rideau Gate, ON K1M 1M6


Whistleblower Policy


The purpose of this whistleblower policy is to provide direction to all current and former directors, employees, contractors, subcontractors, agents, volunteers, vendors, donors, and partners of ours regarding the reporting of concerns pertaining to the integrity of RHF and its ethical conduct. 

a. Defined Terms 

For the purposes of this policy: 

“RHF” means the Rideau Hall Foundation. 

“Compliance Officer” means the individual appointed as the Compliance Offer as more particularly described in section (d) below. 

“Whistleblower” means any director, officer, employee, contractor, subcontractor, agent, volunteer, vendor, donor, members of the general public or partner of the Company who has reported a whistleblower incident in good faith. 

“Whistleblower Incident” is defined as a concern, usually related to RHF’s financial or operational matters, in regards to an act in contravention of, or failure to act in accordance with, reasonable standards of honesty and integrity, legislation, regulations, policies, internal controls or other obligatory standards where the act or failure to act impacts RHF or individuals or organizations supported by RHF. 

For greater clarity, whistleblower incidents are intended to include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Changing work from one project to other projects to stay on budget; 
  • “Side deals” or “under the table” dealings with contractors for personal benefit; 
  • Receiving personal kickbacks, gifts or bribes from contractors or vendors which could create bias in the tendering process; 
  • Inappropriate recording or reporting of revenues; 
  • Inappropriate classification of assets and/or liabilities; 
  • A deliberate disregard or circumvention of RHF policies; 
  • Embezzlement of RHF assets by an individual or group of individuals; 
  • Retaliatory conduct against a whistleblower. 

 b. Policy Statement 

It is the policy of RHF that the Whistleblower must immediately report whistleblower incidents as soon as the Whistleblower becomes aware of such situations. 

c. Reporting Incidents 

There are several channels available to Whistleblowers to report concerns, and Whistleblowers should pursue the channel which is most comfortable for them. In many cases, a report can be made to a Whistleblower’s supervisor or manager. Supervisors and managers are required to report any Whistleblower Incidents brought to their attention to the Compliance Officer who has specific and exclusive responsibility to investigate all reported Whistleblower Incidents. 

Whistleblowers may also report concerns directly to the Compliance Officer. Whistleblower Incidents may be communicated orally or in writing, whether by mail or by email. Whistleblower incidents may be reported anonymously. If reporting a concern directly to the Compliance Officer by email, the applicable email address is compliance-conformite@rhf-frh.ca. 

Once received, the report is assessed by the Compliance Officer, who then makes a recommendation on an investigation protocol to the Finance and Audit Committee and/or the President and CEO. Consensus will be reached and an investigation commenced, which process will involve management, the Finance and Audit Committee, the Board and appropriate authorities, as required. 

Incidents will be documented and logged. If possible, the finding of the investigation on the merits of the reported concern(s) will be communicated to the Whistleblower where the Whistleblower’s name has been provided. 

It is the policy of RHF to treat all Whistleblower Incidents in a confidential and sensitive manner. In addition, the Whistleblower shall be provided with the opportunity to remain anonymous, unless otherwise required by law. 

d. Compliance Officer 

The Compliance Officer is responsible for investigating and resolving all reported complaints and allegations concerning reported Whistleblower Incidents. The Compliance Officer shall have the authority to conduct an initial inquiry into a reported Whistleblower Incident and make an initial determination, in his or her reasonable judgment, on an appropriate investigation protocol. The recommendation of the Compliance Officer shall be communicated to the President and CEO and/or the Finance and Audit Committee whereupon consensus will be reached and an investigation commenced. 

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the Compliance Officer shall communicate and report directly to the Finance and Audit Committee at least annually on all compliance activity. 

The Organization’s Compliance Officer is the Chair of the Governance & Nominating Committee. 

e. Accounting and Auditing Matters 

The Finance and Audit Committee shall address all reported concerns or complaints regarding corporate accounting practices, internal controls or auditing. The Compliance Officer shall immediately notify the Finance and Audit Committee of any such complaint and work with the Committee until the matter is resolved. 

f. No Retaliation 

It is the policy of RHF that the Whistleblower will not be discharged, demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed, or in any other manner discriminated or retaliated against as a result of communicating a whistleblower incident in good faith. Any of our employees found to be in violation of this policy will face disciplinary action. 

Anyone filing a complaint must be acting in good faith. RHF will not protect a Whistleblower who intentionally makes false accusations in reporting of a whistleblower incident. 

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