Indigenous Youth Well-Being

Indigenous Youth Well-Being: Cultural Empowerment, Education and Employment

A journey where education, mentorship, culture, family and community play an integral role and need to be in balance with each other.

The RHF partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to engage with Indigenous youth, as well as cross-sectoral stakeholders, on employment and community well-being. The result is this comprehensive report that clearly articulates youths’ voices, as well as a series of important recommendations around what constitutes ‘a good life’.

The Indigenous youth who participated in this process call on all involved to be clear on intentions and more importantly, to follow these good intentions with clear and decisive actions. The Rideau Hall Foundation’s intention in this report, and in the activities over the past year, is to deeply listen and most importantly, act by mobilizing, networking, and activating solutions Indigenous youth want to see in their respective communities, organizations, and society. The RHF is committed to continuing its support for this vision for change.

Full report (PDF)


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