Catapult Canada

Catapult Canada is a national platform and community that aims to increase equity of access to learning opportunities for youth.

It does this by channeling resources to community programs, providing funding, building evaluation frameworks, and facilitating partnerships, in order to build the capacity and infrastructure of charities and non-profits increasing access to learning. For smaller organizations and communities, Catapult will reduce their isolation and bring them into a broader community of success and knowledge sharing. At the same time, larger organizations can extend their reach into new or smaller communities, providing key insights and supports.

Powered by the Rideau Hall Foundation, Catapult provides valuable and up-to-date resources ranging from new funding opportunities to evaluation supports, new research on promising practices, and more. The platform will also serve as a base for other Catapult activities, such as the Access Innovation Fund and a mentoring/coaching resource for communities and youth-serving organizations.

In the context of Catapult, “learning” refers to all forms of education, skills development, training, and acquiring knowledge, leading to productive career and life paths. It’s the freedom to chart your own destiny, and it should be available to all young people across the country and in every community.

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