Arctic Inspiration Prize

It is too often forgotten that the story of Canada’s North is one of resourcefulness, incredible innovation, and collaboration; when these three forces coalesce, the lives of Canadians can be measurably improved. The Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP), with its million-dollar award and comprehensive representation of all sectors living and working in the North, joins the ranks of the highest profile awards programs in the country.

Often referred to as the “Nobel of the North”, the AIP was established in 2012 to recognize ideas-to-impact projects that stand to transform fields of education, health, social-cultural issues, the environment, and the economy. It is an annual prize to celebrate northern innovation and is made possible thanks to the participation of a comprehensive network of governments, businesses, academia and social services across the Canadian arctic. This year, up to $3 million is available across three prize categories: one $1 million prize, up to four prizes of up to $500,000, and up to seven youth prizes of up to $100,000. The RHF is proud to serve as the Managing Partner for the AIP.

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