Canada’s Culture of Innovation Index

The Second Annual Culture of Innovation Report

Click here to download the 2020 ReportInnovation is critical to our success as a nation. Canadian innovations have made enormous contributions to our country and to the world. But how pervasive is innovation in our everyday culture?

Developed by the Rideau Hall Foundation in partnership with Edelman Canada, Canada’s Culture of Innovation Index measures how we approach and value innovation in all spheres of our society. It includes perspectives from more than 2,700 Canadians, across all provinces and territories.


Click here to download the 2019 Report.


2020: Learning and Rapid Innovation

In the inaugural year of the Culture of Innovation Index, the Rideau Hall Foundation discovered that Canadians see innovation as an engine for the common good, that diversity and collaboration are top drivers of a culture of innovation, and that future generations are key to unlocking our potential as a nation. This year, we explore why innovation is critical in times of uncertainty and what can be done to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Infographic on the culture of innovation in Canada






















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